Pipe manufacturing

We manufacture pipes for drawing isometric or allowance. Our engineers create 3D isometric drawings and drawings, and we finished the, Spools' at our company.

Prefabricated components are completely sprühgebeizt or pickled in a pickling bath and installed by our assembly team.

With production by measurement an on-site recording is carried out by one of our employees. Based on these data we create a corresponding isometric that is used for both the production and assembly as well as for billing according to length.

If necessary, we can provide Aufmaßpreislisten available, either exclusively with wage rates or wage price incl. Material per piece or meter.

The lines can be ground, polished or electropolished inside.

Our production range includes:

Pressure lines with loss
Small pipelines
Pipes according to DIN 11850 - beverage lines
Pipeline routes, incl. Mounting material

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