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Gothe Edelstahl: Everything from one source...

Welding Technology

Welding technology is a high-performance technology whose mastery requires technical competence and experience. We have gained experience for several decades and master our craft. Welding of stainless steel and special materials including cladded is a core task at Gothe. We are one of the few producers of welded pipes that uses the process "Electron Beam Welding" in addition to the common welding processes such as plasma, WIG and TIG.

Electron Beam Welding

Electron Beam Welding (EB Welding) is a precision welding process, which according to DIN 1910 currently belongs to the fusion bonding welding process group with the beam welding subgroup.

The principle of electron beam welding is based on the conversion of the kinetic energy of a bundled electron beam into heat. This heat of transformation is used for welding. The use of an additional material is not required and emphasis is focused on absolute accuracy, high quality of the weld and a clean connection of metallurgical materials.

Advantages of this welding process are:

  • Low-distortion welding
  • Good processing possibility of special materials
  • Low combustion of alloys
  • Welding in vacuum means no contamination of the atmosphere
  • It can weld up to 40 mm wall thickness 

Your Contact Person

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Bechelor of Engineering IWE

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